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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (5 Reviews)

Allyson, 17
Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire

Was even better then "The Hunger Games" I couldn't put the book down. I absolutely loved it,at every corner there is a new twist. Just when you think all of the games are over, they start over again with new problems and obsticles. Don't stand in the way of Katniss Everdeen

Rating: 5 Q. Hard to imagine a better book.
Reader: Hope P., 14, 9/22/2009
Catching Fire
Collins, Suzanne
Scholastic Press 2009

Katniss fights. She's a survivor. More often then not, girls in action fantasy are weak damsels in distress.Katniss breaks that mold. I love that.
Nominate? Yes
In the follow-up to the fantastic Hunger Games, Katniss is back...with new trails, new friends....and deadly enemies. She is tenacious, brave, and defiant. The book pulls you into a world so real...it never truly lets you go.

This book is so real, so vivid...you can smell the coal dust and hear the mockingjays sing. Katniss Everdeen is back. As the first joint victors of the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta have made enemies of all-powerful President Snow. Or, more to the point, Katniss has defied his power. But it's over...he can do no more to her. Or so she thinks. The Quarter Quell has come. Every 25 years, an even more horrific display is planned for the to-the-death games. And this time, the reapings will come out of existing victors. Once again, Katniss finds herself in the arena, with enemies everywhere. A group seems determined to keep Katniss and Peeta alive...but can they be trusted? And through it all...districts are rebelling. Rebellion was the cause of the Hunger Games...will they have any chance this time? And worst of all...the Capitol holds Katniss directly responsible. Could her family suffer for it? This book is a gritty (though not in a bad way), intense novel that will hold your attention from the moment you read the first word to the final period. I personally read it in three hours. Once you start reading....the games have claimed you. You can not run...you can not hide. I am eagerly anticapating the final installment in the trilogy.

5 Hard to imagine a better book
Bistro Book Club

Reader: Andrea F.
Age: 16
Library: Bistro Book Club
Title: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pub. Date 2009
Galley? Yes
Would you like to nominate this book for Teens’ Top Ten? Yes
If yes, what makes this book special enough to be nominated for Teens’ Top Ten? Read it. Then you'll understand.
What did you like or not like about the cover? Did the cover reflect the contents? I did like the cover. Yes it did reflect the contents.
Describe the most compelling aspect of the book. The twist on the Hunger Games
Were you disappointed with the book for any reason? If so, what was disappointing? I hate cliffhangers.
Did you finish the book Yes
How would you rate this book? 5 Hard to imagine a better book
Please write a short annotation for this book if you think it should be on the Teens Top Ten List: Please please put this on the Teens Top Ten List!
Additional Comments: It has been a year since Katniss won the Hunger Games, and they are rolling around again. Katniss must travel through the 12 Districts advertising this year's Hunger Games, but as she travels she gains some unwelcome attention. This year's Hunger Games is a Quarter Quell, an event that happens every 25 years and is used to emphasize the Districts utter helplessness against the Capital. This Quarter Quell's twist irrevocably changes the entire course of the series, and I am waiting in anticipation for the next book. Do not read unless you've read the Hunger Games!
Reader: Kaitlin, 14
Library: Bistro Book Club
Title: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pub. Date 2009 Should this be nominated for Teens' Top Ten? Yes. There is a certain amount of suspense and thrill that keeps you on the edge and asking for more! And SO much more!
Opinion on the Cover: The cover tells a story all in it's self. It is easier to understand the cover, though, after you read a little bit into the book.
What was the most compelling aspect? The thrill and suspense was amazing! You couldn't tell what a character that wasn't established in the previous book's motives were or what they were really trying to accomplish. It was amazing. The End! Always the end. This is the type of book that keeps you wanting more and gets you attached to the characters so that you are concerned when there isn't antything left to read.
Rating? 5 Hard to imagine a better book
Annotation: This book was amazing. I went to bed everynight wondering what i would read tomorrow! I wanted to know that Gale was okay and that Katniss was dealing with all of her situations. I read it in the middle of class, and at dinner--that annoyed my mother so much. I just couldn't put it down when i started up! if you haven't read the first book, read it and move straight on to the second! But dont get caught by your teachers! -- Kaitlin, 14
Catching Fire
Suzanne Collins
Shelby, 13
I loved it because it was about the first book and the series of events are amazing!!!! Should this be nominated for Teens' Top Ten? Why?

Yes I could Bareley put it down and it was amazing! This is about Katniss and her love and how they manage to get called back to the Hunger Games and how they manage to outsmart the Capitol.
5 Hard to imagine a better book I would love a copy of this book.

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