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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler (4 reviews)

Reader Sarah T.
Age 15
Author Sarah Ockler
Title 20 Boy Summer
Publisher Little, Brown and Compony
Publication date June 2009
My review : A fun and cute book that deals with first love, best friends, and death. It does deal with some mature stuff, but is not detailed on it. It was very well written and the characters seemed so real. I could feel their pain, excitement, and fears. The authors use of words painted the story like a movie in my mind or like I was right there watching this emotional and hard story unfolding before me. In other words it was beautiful. It had me close to tears multiple times. This book is amazing and I plan to reread it.
Would you nominate this book for an award yes
How much do you read? I read all the time
Quality 5Q Hard to imagine a better book
Popularity 3P Some Teen appeal

I picked this book because (check as many as you like) I liked the cover The cover was interesting Just grabbed it
Amanda, 13 11/9/2009 3:11:06 PM
20 Boy Summer
Little Brown and Company 2009
Describe the most compelling aspect of the book: The contence.
Should this be nominated for Teens' Top Ten? Why? Yes It is a romantic love story while still being an everyday teen story.
Rating? 5 Hard to imagine a better book
Annotation: When Matt dies will Anna ever find love again?
Additional Comments: I would like this book at the end of the year! FMS
Shelby, 12
11/15/2009 12:04:33 PM
Sarah Ockler
20 Boy Summer
Hatchette Book Group
Should this be nominated for Teens' Top Ten? Why?
It is very exciting and fun. I never wanted to put it down.
5 Hard to imagine a better book
This book is about two girls who make a bet. Anna and Frankie are like sisters only Anna had a relationship with Frankie's brother. Then something tragic happens leaving them both alone. So Anna goes on a vacation with Frankie and her family to the beach. They make a bet to attract 20 boys in 23 days. they are doing fine untill they meet Sam and Jake. Anna falls in love with Sam and they don't know if they can finish their bet. Then something happens and it almost ruins everything.
I loved this book and really want to buy it when it comes out!

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