Bistro Book Club

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bull by David Elliott (2 reviews)

Tim J., 16
David Elliott
HMH 2017

Dannnngg! What a book! Most definitely the best book I've read in a long time Most definitely would want a copy of this book! Will fight for it!

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book
Levi, 16
David Elliott
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2017

This book is about the myth of the Minotaur, but instead of using normal story telling methods he uses poetry to describe the myth. I enjoyed the story a lot because of the way he spun the tale. Elliott used poetry and humor to keep the readers interested, something I thought I wouldn't hear in the same context. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something interesting and funny to read.

Rating: 4 Better than most

Frogkisser by Garth Nix

Galina, 15
Garth Nix
Scholastic Press 2017

If you're looking for a funny and easy read, go for this book.

Rating: 4 Better than most

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Call by Peadar O'Gullan

Galina, 14
Peadar O'Gullan
The Call
David Fickling Books 2016

The "survival of the fittest" is not always accurate, as shown by Nessa in The Call. In a society where it is better to be dead than crippled, Nessa always has to try her hardest in everything to be seen as anything but the cripple she is, and even then, everyone is constantly underestimating her. Few survive "the call," and those who do are often hopelessly deformed, and everyone figures, "what chance does a cripple have against the call when the strongest of us perish in the attempt to survive?' Nessa must learn to be calculating and resourceful in every situation, and I love how the author shows this. I also loved how this story showed what it would be like to live in fear of three minutes of your life... 3 minutes to save it, or 3 minutes to lose it.

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

Underwater by Marisa Reinhardt

Carily, 15
Marisa Reinhardt
Frarrar straus 2016

In this book the author makes the characters relatable and you are pulled into the story and get lost in the words. This story is good at reveling just enough that you can feel as though you are the character. I found myself lost in the character and I absolutely didn't want to put the book down.

Rating: 4 Better than most

Factory Girl by Joanne LaValley

Galicia, 15
Joanne LaValley
Factory Girl
Clarion Books 2017

What I liked most about this book was that it showed how anger can be controlled and used for a good purpose. When the heroine, Roshen, becomes a factory girl, she has to discover courage and strength she didn't know she had, and I found it inspiring.

Rating: 4 Better than most

Flicker and Mist by Mary G. Thompson

Molly, 14
Mary G. Thompson
Flicker and Mist
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2017

Personally, I thought this was a great book! The story was highly entertaining, with lots of drama plus many twists and turns. In this book, two races of people are fighting to be the ruler and one girl is stuck right in the middle of it all. With the help of her friends and the betrayal of others, she sets out to bring peace. Only question is, is it really worth it ? Read It and find out!!!  

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron

Levi. 15
Sharon Cameron
The Forgetting
Scholastic Press 2016

We are made of our memories, but what happens when you forget these precious memories. What happens when you are the only one who doesn't forget, what then? This book tells the story of the that person and how they try to understand how the forgetting happens.

Rating: 4 Better than most